Learn Mastered Techniques from over 5 Massage modalities plus how to best prepare for success

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About the Freestyle Massage course

Each person has their own unique massage style and this course sheds light on the practical differences of each of the ones we’ll work with within the Freestyle Massage Course.


We’ll learn how to start different types of Massage as well as how to unify them so that the services we offer don’t just have a different title for our customers. Your customers will avail of the opportunity to experience your signature massages, as well as your unique freestyle massage. 


This course helps us identify the massage skills that create signature massages but also helps us realize and shape our own freestyle massage.


It teaches how to combine what we will learn, with our own. Blending massage techniques is a technique in itself!  


It takes a while to figure out what we are all about as massage therapists, and which direction to follow. Am I a sports massage therapist? A holistic massage therapist, a wellness massage therapist?This course gives a very broad array of mastered techniques that give a very good idea about what each type of massage is about. 


Step out of your comfort zone to expand your skills and your brand by learning techniques you can add to your repertoire.


You may find more types of massages that you’d love to learn and offer. For example, you may be a sports massage therapist and your main market is sports professionals or fitness enthusiasts, but you may also love the nature of relaxation and wellness massages. Or you may be a master in Thai massage and known for that, but you have a strong interest in western trigger points therapy.


This course will give you the time, experience, and confidence to develop your brand, without draughting your professional image and niche.


This course is instructed by Simone Tunney, a world-renowned massage tutor and business owner who is also academically qualified in education and learning level 3( tutoring for adults) so you’re guaranteed a beneficial learning experience with mastered techniques that definitely loved by everybody.  

Complete Freestyle Massage

To enrol on the Freestyle Massage Course a €50 deposit is required, deductable from the full price of €380

Exactly what you'll receive

You’ll learn Mastered techniques in:


Thai Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

Sports Massage 

Face, scalp, and abdominal Massage 

You’ll learn the theory and practice in:

Pressure work. How to manipulate pressure ( practice and graphics of how pressure works in Massage therapy) Knowing how to use pressure can help people who have had accidents feel free in their bodies! Negative pressure points- where it’s unnecessary/uncomfortable to apply pressure Introduction to Flow- Theory and practise

You’ll receive an electronic manual with:

The theory and graphics of all the techniques we will learn

Multiple choice and q&a self tests to test yourself

An introduction to The theory of flow and pressure work

A tangible copy is available to purchase

Bonus workshop in 

How to best prepare for a Massage Championship and 

How to ensure a 5 start Massage experience for your customers. Learn how to be chosen massage service time and time again

This workshop was very helpful. I highly recommend. Thank you Simone!

Rena Logara

Massage Practitioner

Advanced Massage techniques course

PSU University/ Greece

Module Overview

In this module we go through what a Freestyle Massage is, the benefits, and who it’s for. We’ll learn how to perform this Massage responsibly, and take a look at the paperwork involved. We’ll also have a quick look at the list of contraindication as this is a combined massage that involves many methods. We’ll  go through the structure of the course and talk about the meaning of words that we will use. Question and answer time is structured throughout the course to answer any questions you may have

A thorough introduction of pressure work in massage, how to manipulate and use pressure for the desired effect on the body, as well as information on where we shouldnt apply pressure, to ensure maximum relaxation for the customer and maximise the benefits of our techniques.We will later demonstrate and practise the application of pressure. 

Flow in Massage is one of the most, if not the most, important aspect of a Massage. It’s a a tool a massage therapist uses to control how the customer feels at all times before, during, and after the massage. It maintains safety for the massage therpist ans extens the career.We will explore the theory, and practice flow in Massage

We take a look at what are hands are made of and all the ways we can use them. This module is an introduction to the hand massage dictionary and the hand map by Simone Tunney

We explore methods to start the massage , why and which to choose, as Warm up Massage techniques in Deep Tissue , Sports , Thai and wellness massage. During this module we find aspects of flow , like flow in Thai massage and other. We we also learn the importance of client contact and communication skills for the massage therapist.

This module is the largest of this course where we will practice a combination of techniques from different modalities to perform a full body freestyle Massage. You’ll have the opportunity to give and receive a massage, and ask any questions you may have.

This course is packed with mastered techniques and information that will help you excell in your profession and practice. Together with the Freestyle massage manual you’ll receive, you’ll also have the opportunity to record Simone while she performs the full freestyle massage at the end of our workshop, so you have all the information and visuals to refer to after you finish the course and go to practice everything you’ve learned.


After the video, you’ll be required to massage for 30 minutes while Simone walks around to assess your performance and assist you in any areas you may need assistance with.


Are you interested in taking part in a championship, or perhaps providing a 5 experience for your customers? In this bundle workshop, you’ll discover how exactly a championship works, what judges are looking for, what to avoid, and you’ll also learn what customers are looking for and secrets to giving a 5-star massage experience.

About your instructor

Best known for the development of Massage techniques, Simone is proud to be an internatiolly renowned Massage Therapist, Judge at Championships, Massage instructor, and upcoming author.

She is the creator of the Theory in Flow in Massage and had taught Masterclasses in Universities, colleges, schools, and has been hosted by Massage associations within Europe.

She runs 2 Massage Therapy services in Manchester UK the Swedish Massage shop and Olympians Lounge. Simone is the Head tutor at Global Massage Academy, an emerging online education platform with masterclasses by tutors from all over the World, to bring quality and certified education to those who seek to learn from the best.

Simone is fully qualified in Education and Learning Level 3 ( Teacher course) and has been recognized and awarded by the International Massage association as a teacher.

Simone fully understands the challenges of being a Massage therapist and has devoted her time to sharing all that she knows with fellow massage therapists and businesses.

Simone is a great tutor! Very knowledgeable, skilled and with a nice personality as well which is very important in our profession. I totally recommend any workshop with her if you want to learn something advanced in order to enrich your routine or fine tune your techniques if you are already an experienced therapist! For those who want to make the right start in massage and ensure their longevity as therapists, hands down Simone is the right person since she emphasizes a lot on body mechanics, positioning around the table, and flow which are fundamentals for performing an excellent massage and having a successful career. I am looking forward to upcoming workshops with her!

Tassos Avgerinos

Massage Therapist @ Polis Hammam

Freestyle Massage Course

Flow in Massage course

PSU University/Greece

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Simone for sharing her knowledge and experience with us at the recent World Massage Camp in Thessaloniki. A person of impeccable character full of positive energy and passion for her profession. She had the ability to transfer her knowledge to participants of the seminar along with the harmony of movements needed in therapeutic massage. I would thoroughly recommend one of her future seminars.

Apostolos Kousounias

Physical Education Teacher 

Sports Massage Therapist

Advanced Massage Techniques/ World massage Federation


My first impression of Simone is that she is very professional and reliable. She didn't disappoint when she came to judge at The national Massage Championship in Serbia. She was objective, fair, and easy to work with. Simone is very positive and has a kind personality. It came to my attention that her goal was to effectively communicate all that she knows about massage to her students. Simone is truly dedicated to this profession.

Katarina Ilic

Massage Therapist

Marketing Operations Manager at BTM

In this course, everything included will be transferred to you effectively and professionally, so you’re guaranteed a great learning experience. You’ll get the manual and video to keep if you need to refer back to it when you practice , so you can get the most out of this learning experience. You’ll learn an array of new techniques that you can implement into your massage. This will contribute to building long-lasting relationships with your customers. You’ll learn professional draping and the secrets of how this specific draping ties in the aspect of flow to give the most professional 5 start massage experience, ensuring that customers return to you time and time again. The freestyle massage course offers a holistic approach and an overview of different types of massages, how to blend them, how to transition from one to another, but also assists with clarity in your branding. 

Learn Mastered techniques from over 5 Massage modalities with Simone Tunney

Entry price for the Freestyle Massage Course is 25% off until 27th January . Click to find out more.

My guarantee to you

Once you have completed the 2-day workshop, if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve learned and felt that you’ve not benefited from the content, I guarantee a full refund

As President of the International Massage Association, I first met Simone Tunney at the World Championships in Massage in 2018. Here Simone won a Silver medal in the Category Swedish Massage. I got to know her as a very skilled therapist and as a committed professional to the Massage Profession. Simone is particularly skilled and innovative in relation to ergonomically correct working positions. She has taken the International Massage Association's judge seminar and since then has been a judge at the Greek and Romanian massage championships, as well as been a judge at the World Championships in 2019 and 2021. In 2021 she was additionally appointed Approved IMA Teacher by the International Massage Association. IMA can recommend Simone Tunney at any time.

Jeppe Tengbjerg

CEO and president of the International Massage Association 

Simone Tunney played an important role and supported us from the very start with the execution of the ​​a Balkan massage competition. She is famous for her massage therapy skills. Simone is a major contributor to massage championships and it was an honour to host her. She is dedicated to massage and everyone she works with. She presented her experience in health and wellness massage as a judge at the Balkan Massage Competition.

Olja Pilic Dobric

CEO Balcan Massage Association


Frequently asked questions

This 2 day course will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia. We’re currently in the process of choosing between 2 venues. However, the event is definitely taking place in Novi Sad and you’ll be informed of the exact location in good time.

Yes, you’ll have to bring a model with you. You’ll  receive a massage yourself because you must feel what the massage should feel like from other participant who’ve enrolled, so you can receive feedback. Models will have an area to use with teas and coffees at this time or any time when they’re not needed. Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive your welcome pack within a week, and all information for these matters are included.

It’s preferrable that you do bring a massage table. However, if you don’t have one we’ll rent one for an extra fee for you. In your registration which you will receive after you’ve signed up, you’ll be asked to provide information about this and if you don’t have a table, we’ll get in touch with you to arrange one for you.

The course goes over 2 days and the programme is packed so you can get the most out of it. Please ensure you have a good night’s sleep the night before because we’ll be doing a lot of massaging! Your welcome pack will include absolutely everything you need to know to come best prepared.

This course doesn’t include anatomy and physiology to qualify you as a massage therapist. It does include anatomy however this is only to be used as a reference and for better understanding on what we’re working on. There’s nothing stopping you from taking this course if you haven’t took anatomy and physiology however this course is aimed for qualified therapists. Entry requirements are : 

You’re a practising Massage therapist ( Meaning- you’re already working as a massage therapist)


Entry price for the Freestyle Massage Course is 25% off until 27th January . Click to find out more.