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Through my extensive experience in Massage therapy, I have created these courses that I know you and your students will love and shall receive real value from. I aim to deliver other aspects in massage like Flow and using pressure in massage,  as well as innovative techniques.


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Introduction to Flow in Massage

Duration: 16 hours (2-day workshop)


This workshop is an introduction to using Flow and motion in massage. It includes the theory, methods of application, and the practice of the methods in techniques for the full body.


  • Comprehensive methods are designed to explain flow in massage and why, how, and when to use it.
  • Body mechanics used when massaging with flow
  • Includes student workbook

Advanced Swedish Massage

Duration: 40 hours (5-day course)

A full body massage where we learn Developed classic massage techniques and new innovative Swedish style massage techniques. In this 5 day course we will learn:


  • Advanced Swedish massage for the back
  • Advanced Swedish massage for the legs
  • Advanced hand massage techniques 
  • Transitional massage techniques
  • Flow work
  • Advanced scalp and neck massage 
  • Body mechanics
  • How to market a Swedish massage
  • Workbook included

Freestyle Massage

  1. Duration: 40 hours (5-day course)
  2. Duration for Introductory course : 24 hours ( 3 day course)

The freestyle massage consists of a combination of massage modalities. We will learn how to differentiate massage types, bring our own style, and how to perform the Freestyle Massage responsibly.

The Freestyle Massage is becoming increasingly popular and can be  a very marketable massage ! It is beneficial for those who give it and for those who receive it as it is very adaptable.

  • Traditional thai massage techniques
  • Flow in Massage theory and implementation
  • Massage using the Elows ( elbow Massage techniques)
  • Pressure work- How to use pressure 
  • Thai yoga massage techniques
  • Advanced Swedish massage techniques 
  • Advanced sports massage techniques
  • Advanced deep tissue massage techniques
  • Workbook included

Advanced Sports Massage Techniques for the legs

Duration: 8 hours ( 1-day workshop)

This one day workshop focuses on the legs and gives specialist techniques to enrich the skillset of the learner


  • Active myofascial release techniques 
  • Sports massage techniques for the glutes, legs, and feet
  • Mobilisations
  • Increasing flexibility pre-sports event for pre-sports massages
  • Recovery massage 
  • workbook included

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