A love for wellness and creation

Massage and wellness therapy was a dream for me. From crushing flowers as a child to make aromas, to massaging friends as a teenager, to becoming internationally renowned in this field, I’m here to make massage better with you.  

Professional Biography

Simone Tunney is internationally renowned for her massages, and her contribution to the Massage therapy industry. She is the owner of 2 Massage Therapy Services in Manchester, England, and is the head tutor at Global Massage Academy.

The Swedish Massage Shop was founded in December 2021 and Olympians Lounge was founded in January 2016.



Simone has served as a judge at World Championship in Massage by the International Massage Association in 2019, 2020, and 2021, Denmark.

She has served as a judge at several Massage Championships including

The Romanian Massage Championship by AMTC 2019, 2021

The Greek Massage Championship  2019

National Serbian Massage Championship by Balkan Massage Association 2020

The international Online Massage Championship 2020,2021


In 2018 Simone won the Silver Medal for a Sports Massage as a competitor in the Swedish Massage category,  at the world Championship in Massage Denmark

Best known for the development in massage techniques and supporting students reach their full potential in their Massage therapy career, Simone is proud to be recognized worldwide by Massage Associations, Massage schools, Spas, and universities throughout Europe.

Successful courses took place at the following :

PSU University ( Flow in Massage, Hand Massage techniques, and more)

The World Massage Federation ( Massage using the Elbows)

Manchester School Of Massage ( Deep tissue)

Su Wanyo Spa- ( Oil Massage)

Simone aims to deliver other aspects of massage like flow, pressure work as well as specific techniques for the full body. She is the creator of the theory of flow in Massage which she will share in her upcoming book- Flow in Massage

Through her passion to share all that she has learned Simone has been honored to be a speaker for the International College of Cosmetology, Latvia at the conference.

Simone will be delivering a health, safety, and success speech at the International Massage Festival by IMFS in Sardinia, Italy 2022, as well a seminar in Flow in Massage.

Simone’s intention is to share everything that she’s learned through her extensive experience to empower massage therapists and massage therapy businesses around the world. She is completely committed to this role. She believes that Massage therapy, when performed correctly, is vital for people’s health and she would love to raise the level of therapies to her own standards.